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This year alone over $830 Billion Dollars In Free Government Grants will be given away by Government Grant Programs across the United States.

Foundations must by law give away at least 5% of itís total assets every year, to keep their tax-exemption status. Foundations and Agencies are dedicated to providing a common good for society by helping businesses and individuals with FREE Government Grant Money.

Itís up to the individual foundation and agency on how they distribute their funds, some just give to businesses and otherís give money for everyday expenses. Free Government Grant Programs everyday give grants to businesses, students, men, women, children, minorities and more.

Ranging from large corporate bail outís to helping people start their own business, go to college or even just to lend them a hand with every day living expenses and/or medical bills.

State Programs, all 50 states are a major source of financial assistance to small businesses and educational programs. Money for businesses to purchase buildings, land, equipment and more.

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free government grants, business loans, free money


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Free cash grants from government, corporate and private foundation funding. 
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